"Remember, I am with you always to the end of the age" (Mt 28:20)

The Most Ancient Symbol: The Cross


While watching the conference semifinals of NBA's 75th season, I was captivated by this :30 film narrated by rap legend Nas. He delivers a soliloquy interpreted by an animation that begins from a spot or a starting point of a line. The poem goes,
"The laws of the game say the lines contain it.
But contain it, they fail.
Cross the line.
Move the line.
Break the line.
This game forever grows.
Forever spreads.
No corner of society out-of-bounds.
A cultural force no whistle can stop.
The court dimensions may be set.
But this game is ever expanding…
The spirit of the NBA."
I was moved to think of the image of the cross and its lines. If lines convey so much more as the poet has expressed, this is very true with the lines of the cross—the most ancient of all figures.

First we can categorize all lines into three: the single form which is a stake (Crux Simplex), the double form which is like an "X" (Crux Decussata) also known as St Andrew's cross and finally the triple form which is the most common figure of the cross (Crux Ordinaria). Looking at all these variations, the cross whether single, double, triple, plain or decorated, made from wood or precious metal; one may subtract or even add some more to it, then wear it or dispose of it. It is an eternal poetry that alone summarizes everything, from all walks of life, including sports, politics, arts, and all that is. No other symbol like the cross has succinctly, powerfully and completely delivered the ancient and ever true meaning and proper perspective towards all that exists—the perspective of the One who put His very life on it. Fr JM Manzano SJ


  1. Nice parallelism... Symbol of positivity...drawing out from Himself...giving all...reaching out to even something negative...Beautiful! Chada!

    1. Thanks for the affirmation. I found something too worth reading about the crucifixion https://www.ucg.org/bible-study-tools/booklets/jesus-christ-the-real-story/roman-forms-of-crucifixion GBU!

    2. Interesting...Thanks for the added information. I remember your reflection when I heard this morning from Bishop Ambo saying to Fr. Mamert and Fr. James...Conform your life to the mystery of the Lord's Cross...Words to take into heart and live...for all of us who love and follow Him. GBU!

    3. Congratulations to our newly ordained ministers! Welcome to the priestly brotherhood! Indeed a brotherhood marked by the cross of Christ...GBU!


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