"Remember, I am with you always to the end of the age" (Mt 28:20)

What Makes Spiritual Direction Ignatian? with Fr Joe Tetlow SJ

Please join in this replay of the 1 July 2021 [1100 USA GMT-5] webinar of Fr Joseph Tetlow SJ as he discusses his new book, Handing on The Fire: Making Spiritual Direction Ignatian.

This webinar was hosted by the Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies with Joseph Tetlow S.J, who is a world-renowned spiritual director and writer on Ignatian spirituality. Tetlow authors books such as Always Discerning: An Ignatian Spirituality for the New Millennium, Choosing Christ in the World, Finding Christ in the World: A Twelve Week Ignatian Retreat in Everyday Life, amongst others.

N.B. I would like to welcome questions which you can place at the comments section. I will try to answer of course drawing from my own experience of Ignatian Spiritual Direction doing retreat ministry.