"Remember, I am with you always to the end of the age" (Mt 28:20)

Ignatian Year Recollections: Thirteenth and FINAL Episode July 16, 2022

Third Episode [September 18, 2021] Fr Alberto B Paurom MD SJ

Fourth Episode [October 16, 2021] Fr Silvino L Borres Jr SJ

Fifth Episode [November 20, 2021] Fr Primitivo E Viray Jr SJ

Sixth Episode [December 18, 2021] Fr James Wenceslao U Gascon SJ

Eighth Episode [February 19, 2022] Fr José Cecilio J Magadia SJ

Ninth Episode [March 19, 2022] Fr Jose Ramon T Villarin SJ

Tenth Episode [April 16, 2022] Fr Ramon Ma L Bautista SJ

Eleventh Episode [May 21, 2022] His Eminence Luis Antonio G Cardinal Tagle

Twelfth Episode [June 18, 2022] Fr Daniel Patrick L Huang SJ

Thirteenth Episode [July 16, 2022] Fr Geoffrey B Williams SJ

Again, thank you very much and we enjoin each other to pray as one community keeping our intentions this month. We pray most especially for the healing and protection of everyone. This we ask from God with the special intercession of St Ignatius and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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In Christ,
The IYR Organizers


  1. I`m happy to listen again to Fr. Junjun sharing. His profound homilies always struck me when I was a novice and now too... Knowing a mother`s heart...reminds me of my closeness to my own mother. I thank God for giving me a mother who first taught me of matters of the heart and always listen and support to my heart stories. She also shares her own stories until now...She has showed me how to love Mary for she never fails to attend the mass every Wednesday. Even this pandemic time, she find ways to practice her love and devotion to our Mother Mary. God bless our mothers. Thank you my dear Mother Mary for your love, care, guidance and companionship...for bringing me closer to your Son...for bringing good persons in my life... Praying a special intention for our mothers today, Fr.JM...GBUATC! OB

    1. Thanks so much for your wonderful sharing about your beloved mother! She is so blessed to have a religious in her own brood and you also are blessed which shows in your great appreciation of her devotions especially to Our Lady! Mothers indeed have this tact and perception of bringing us to our Lord Jesus! GBU!

    2. By the way, I met Our Lady of Montserrat last 2015 praying close to her, feeling blessed in her presence...In that sacred mountain, all the saints and blessed of Spain who came there have monuments. Our founder came there too...truly a beautiful place to encounter God...for our founder, His Beloved, the Church...Nice to know that place was very significant too to St. Ignatius especially with Our Lady...I can show you some pictures if you like...Just want to share with you and your readers... God bless us all!

    3. Thank you. You can send to 8thworker@phjesuits.org GBU!

  2. This month`s recollection has moved me and has made me savored my encounter with Christ today. Thank you so much. More blessings to all the organizers and to the next episodes speakers/sharers. Thank you also Fr JM for sharing. GBY, Fr. JM and TC!

  3. Looking forward to the talk of Fr. Jet. 😇


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