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The First Loss Of The Defending NBA Champions

he Golden State Warriors lost for the first time in the newly started 2022–23, 77th NBA season to the Denver Nuggets last Friday October 21, 2022. But my niece Makayla (girl in white jersey) together with her schoolmates stood side by side with the towering and defending NBA champions on the day of their first defeat. Not bad after all! The Warriors wore throwback jerseys during the time of coach Donald Arvid Nelson. Don Nelson is popularly known for the "Nellie Ball" which is an offensive strategy in basketball which he developed when he started his coaching career with the Milwaukee Bucks (1976-1987) before going to the Golden State Warriors. "It is a fast-paced run-and-gun offense relying on smaller, more athletic players who can create mismatches by outrunning their opponents. A true center is usually not needed to run this type of offense. A large volume of three-point attempts is also a feature of Nellie Ball. This offense is most effective against teams that do not have the athleticism or shooting ability to keep up with the fast pace" (Wikipedia). I liken the "Nellie Ball" to "David Stone" which sent Goliath to his knees using only the young David's staff and sling.

The Golden State Warriors usually invite school children to watch their games perhaps to help lighten an intensely competitive sport like basketball, to remind them of their inner child and that there is more to losing and winning! Fr JM Manzano SJ


  1. Nice move of the Golden State Warriors! Reminder and inspiring future athletes... Defeat is a humbling experience but still with loyal supporters present at the moment... Not defeat at all!

  2. Sino po yung favorite team ninyo?


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