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Luminous Mystery—Wedding At Cana [7 of 20]

The Marriage at Cana (Les Noces de Cana) by James Tissot, French, 1836-1902

econd Luminous Mystery—Wedding At Cana. His mother said to the servants, "Do whatever He tells you." Jesus said to them, "Fill the jars with water." And they filled them to the brim (Jn 2:5-7).

The wedding at Cana is the perfect setting for the mother of all of Jesus's miracles to take place. Mother in three senses, first, it is the first miracle of Jesus and, second, it occurred at a mother's behest, and third, it arose out of a necessity in just the same manner as many technological inventions or innovations have been discovered. An ancient proverb says, "Necessity is the mother of invention." Imagine right from the scriptures, we see the invention of the first miracle of Jesus which came as a result of a felt and expressed need. First, it was felt by a mother and, second, expressed to Jesus through a mother who points out to the son that the party had run out of wine, hence, the host needs all the help they could get.

One very unique painting by French artist James Tissot portrays the miracle with faithfulness to the Jewish ritual. "The Marriage at Cana" (Les Noces de Cana) depicts the separation of women from men during such public events. The artist suggests to his audience how it must have been like for Mary to communicate to Jesus the news about the wine running out of supply. Tissot uses a partition made of wroth iron grills to cordon the surroundings of the main wedding hall full of men thus preventing access from the outside where a group of women, which includes Mary, the mother of Jesus, are standing. A mechitzah, literally "separation," is any barrier in a traditional synagogue that separates women from men during worship. Tissot situates Mary in Saint John's Gospel as standing behind the mechitzah when she told the servants—pointing to her Son—"Do whatever he tells you." (CF Jn 2:5). Jesus then miraculously turns jars of water into wine. The men seated at the feast tables are astonished as they curiously peer in disbelief over the table to look at what is inside the jars. Some of those men are Jesus's new recruits who belong to the Twelve. This is their first time to witness Jesus's divine powers.

One beautiful fruit that I derived from contemplating Tissot's masterpiece is the close relationship between a mother and her son and how such a relationship is unbreakable and powerful. Pope Francis said in the Consistory Hall of the Apostolic Palace on May 8, 2017 (ADDRESS OF HIS HOLINESS POPE FRANCIS TO THE COMMUNITY OF THE PONTIFICAL PORTUGUESE COLLEGE IN ROME) about the Motherhood of Mary that helps us cultivate a mother-child relationship that brings forth life and faith sustaining relationship, foremost of which is our relationship with the Mother Church, which is the mystical body of Christ and vessel of spiritual and life-giving food and drink,
"The relationship with Our Lady helps us to have a good relationship with the Church: both of them are Mothers. You know, in this respect, the comment of St Isaac, the abbot of Stella; what can be said about Mary can be said about the Church, and also about our soul. All three are female, all three are Mothers, and all three give life. We must therefore cultivate the filial relationship with Our Lady because, if this is missing, there is something of the orphan in the heart."

Fr JM Manzano SJ


  1. Inspiring to express my love more to Our Lady, the body of Christ, our Mother Church and my mother...Thanks! GBY,Fr JM and TC! Have a nice day!

    1. Thanks for expressing your love 💕 ! GBU!

    2. There is One more to love ... that is timely... loving our Mother Earth.. a necessity right now...She is asking us to care with urgency... Ecological conversion...Thinking the effect of my every actions to Mother Earth...from this idea to my heart and to my actions...care from my heart expressed in my actions...from "OB" ( Oikos Buddy)...

    3. Thanks OB for your very timely reminder our Mother or Sister Earth who gives life to us all. Like what Pope Francis said in Laudato Si' the cry of Mother Earth is the cry of our fellow human beings. Let us pray that many more will have a "green" heart like you! GBU!

    4. :) More Oikos Buddies with a heart for Mother or Sister earth! Thanks Fr. JM! GBU!

  2. It is really fascinating to discover different traditions be it in religion, country or tribe... It added so much color and flavour to any event even in the most ordinary moment of life... Such differences create in my heart deep sense gratitude and awe to the grandeur of God... How much love He has for us for creating us wonderfully and intelligently? For every beauty reflects only His own beauty... and you know what, Fr., I desire so much to discover such beauty of the world... If only I will have the chance to circumnavigate it... :)

    I always remember the movie "Fiddler on the Roof" whenever I encounter such topic about Jewish wedding tradition... And the beauty of this painting mirrors as well some scenes in that film... It's interesting and I enjoyed so much the jewish music and dance showed on that wedding celebration scene...
    Here, I feel Mary's preoccupation, "No more wine?" Meaning cutting-off the joy or spoiling the moment... "Mazel tov!" (Congratulations!)

    Thank you for this wonderfull sharing, Fr. JM... GBU!

    1. Thank you for your wonderful sharing on your deep sense of awe and wonder! May you continue to grow in wisdom as you fathom the beauty and richness which God unveils before your eyes! GBU!

    2. Salamat din po ng marami, Fr. JM... Especially for your warm expression of prayer-wishes for me... TC and God bless you always....


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